Aquatic Ponds

Of all the backyard water features you can choose for your home, koi ponds provide some of the biggest advantages.

Aquatic Water Features

It’s time to add some natural features to your backyard to truly turn it into the oasis you’ve always wanted.

Aquatic Bio Pools

Environmentally friendly alternative to conventional swimming pools. Bio Pools are designed to function as balanced ecosystems.

Aquatic Aquariums

For any environment, a beautiful aquarium provides relaxation, education, and an all-around benefit.

Aquatic Aquaponics

Aquaponics systems have numerous benefits and make gardening more productive and economical.

About Us

Aquatic Creations

Aquatic Creations is owned and operated by myself, Nardus Bothma. Having always possessed a passion for aquatic life and ecosystems, I started my career in the aquarium industry at the age of 13 working during weekends in retail at one of my hometown’s best aquarium specialists.

Five years of retail experience allowed me to gain huge amounts of knowledge and confidence in fish-keeping, aquarium set-ups, filtration systems, product knowledge, installations, diseases and disease prevention, and much more. I established Aquatic Creations in 2009. Since then, the business has expanded and grown successfully due to customer satisfaction and ongoing positive referrals.

Keeping healthy, well maintained aquariums and ponds is my expertise and my passion. My love of fish and marine life has taken me all a cross SA and the UK to study them and to gain a broader knowledge of the industry. I have made many long-term friendships with clients and associates that makes my passion (Business) such a true blessing!



We are a full service maintenance company and offer many services others do not.

Koi Pond design, layout and construction

We are experienced in design, layout and construction of Koi Ponds. Before you make the decision of where and how your Koi Pond should look we can assist you with the best location, size and depth of your pond. Or if you want to upgrade your current Koi Pond we can assist you with that as well.

Water feature installation and repairs

We can repair your broken water feature or we can assist you in installing a new one.

Full service maintenance

Typical maintain includes the following: water changes, water testing, thorough cleaning of aquarium, inspection of equipment, inspection of livestock and exchange of serviceable filters. Services can be customized to meet the needs of the individual customer.


We offer aquarium leasing.  This is ideal for businesses that have no need to own an aquarium however want one in place to enjoy all the benefits. >> Read more

Custom installation

We work with licensed contractors to do custom installations such as in wall aquariums.

Vacation aquarium service

When going on vacation it is a great piece of mind to leave your valued aquarium in the hands of a professional.

Full product line at great prices

We carry a full line of dry goods and livestock. We also offer special discounts to our valued maintenance customers.

New setups

We carry or can order just about any aquarium you can think of. Whether you are thinking of having your aquarium maintained by a professional or do it yourself, it can be a great service to have it moved and installed properly for you.

Aquarium upgrades

We offer aquarium upgrades such as adding drilled over flows, custom plumbing, wave makers, and aqua controllers, and lighting upgrades.

Repairs on most related equipment

We are able to repair many pieces of aquarium equipment such as pumps, lights, and other items. This can save money rather then replacement of these.

Reverse osmosis service and installation

We are able to install reverse osmosis systems which not only make excellent filtered water for your aquarium, but also excellent drinking water for the whole family. We also have very affordable rates for filter replacements.

Aquarium Moving

We offer full service moving, including teardown and reassembly. We are experienced and have what it takes to get the job done taking the upmost care for your livestock.

Large Water changes

For some not in need of the aquarium maintenance it can still be a great convenience to have your water changed. This is especially convenient and large water changes.

Delivery of dry goods and livestock

We offer delivery of dry goods and livestock. For our maintenance customers this is free of charge during scheduled visits. Please call for details.

Consultation and Education

If you are looking at getting into this hobby there are a million people that will give you advise. We pride ourselves in giving thorough accurate advice. In addition, we can come to your home and go over your system with you. We will go over everything in detail.

Aquatic Creations

We are a full service maintenance company and offer many services others do not.

Your tranquility, our passion.