cleaning your koi pondCleaning your Koi Pond – It is very necessary to regularly clean your pond in order to maintain an excellent environment for your Koi. Food left uneaten will collect at the bottom of the pond and, as it decays, toxic substances are produced. One way to minimize this waste is to skim uneaten food off the surface about five minutes after feeding. Another way to do this is to regularly drain and replace about ten percent of the pond water. An added benefit: you can use the fertilizer-rich, drained water on your house and garden plants.

The following are some basic tips and tools for cleaning your koi pond and to keep the pond water clean and healthy for your Koi:

  • Never throw coins on the pond. Your pond is not a wishing well and coins are toxic to Koi.
  • Chlorinated water is dangerous to fish and needs to be neutralized before being poured into the pond.
  • It is highly recommended that you keep the pond aerated and filtered 24 hours a day.
  • Don’t let debris accumulate at the bottom of the pond.
  • Use chloramines remover every time you add fresh tap water.
  • Be consistent in scheduling to test the pond for any type of irregularity such as chloramines level, pH balance, excessive ammonia or any occurrence that should be guarded against, especially after adding new tap water.
  • Remember to change or add new water about every three to four weeks.
  • Look out for parasites. Use the correct type of chemicals to kill parasites and prevent new ones from coming in.
  • Create and keep a schedule to clean the filter. Even if the water looks clear and clean, you still need to clean them regularly.
  • Always be ready with medications for emergencies; as well as air pumps, water pumps and other equipment necessary for handling unforeseen happenings.
  • Have a spare tank equipped with filter and aerator for quarantining and treating sick Koi. This is important to prevent the spread of parasites or sickness to the rest of your stock.

We are professional cleaners and offer the following services:

  • Fish are removed and kept safe while cleaning.
  • Plants are carefully removed and hydrated.
  • All pond water is drained.
  • Removal of excessive debris, sludge, muck and slime.
  • Filter media is properly cleaned.
  • Water is replaced and dechlorinated.
  • Fish and plants are acclimated to the new water conditions.

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